Fire Dozer Safety Equipment Requirements
Per Cal-Fire Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement

1.   Each Fireline bulldozer will be supported by a vendor-supplied transport truck of appropriate size
     and a bulldozer service unit equipped to service the bulldozer after 12 hours of continuous work.

2.   All Fireline bulldozers will meet or exceed the following equipment requirements:

3.   R.O.P.S. with heavy mesh screens on sides and rear

4.   Protective fire curtains inside of R.O.P.S. on sides and rear

5.   Lights, 4 front and 2 rear

6.   Belly pan and rock guards, unless rock guards are not recommended or produced by the original

7.   Radiator protection

8.   One shovel

9.   One shovel and one axe or Pulaski

10. Backup alarm

11. Seat belts

12. 2A10BC fire extinguisher

13. Operator personal protective equipment will comply with CalOSHA requirements and as a minimum         will include:

     • Nomex shirt, trousers, and face shroud: CAL OSHA specification
     • hard hat
     • goggles
     • gloves