Welcome to DOZER BOSS!

DOZER BOSS is the “nuts and bolts” column that addresses nearly all aspects of heavy equipment operations in the Fire Fighting business.  This will include emergency as well as non-emergency operations.  We’ll discuss the positions relative to dozer operations, from Dozer Swampers to Division Group/Dozer Group Supervisors and everyone in between.  Topics will include fire safety, routine maintenance, personnel issues, equipment wants, likes and standards and much more.  The intent of the column is to represent all agencies (Local, State and Federal) involved in Public Safety operations.  Articles, stories and/or examples will be based on actual incidents for the most part.  Readers may recognize situations and activities and recall the event.

Some of the discussions will have humor, some not so much and some will be tragic.  You may or may not always agree with suggested tactics, solutions or conclusions…that’s OK, we’re all learning!  Send in your comments and we’ll let the editor decide what he wants to post.  The important thing to remember is that each article will deal with real life experiences and incidents and all have something to offer…at least that is the intent! 

The purpose of the column is not to idolize, criticize or second guess individuals and/or actions, but to glean and pass on as much of the Lessons Learned from each excursion into the realm of heavy equipment operations. 
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