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ACRO Lights Fire Program

Many of you are unaware that ACRO Lights offers spec built products for fire dozers and other fire fighting equipment. Theses products are sold under our special “Fire Program” started in 2004. All operators, direct employees and sub-contractors of any fire agency qualify, anywhere in the world!

Under this program you will receive a special “fire discount” on all purchases. Many products also meet our free shipping guidelines. 

ACRO Lights has worked closely with several different agencies field testing specific products in order to fine tune them to your needs. As a result of this, many dozer operators already use our products realizing the benefits of quality lighting in harsh and often dangerous work areas.  

To reduce overall cost of maintenance, many of our popular models used in these applications can be rebuilt helping you keep them in service for years to come. In the event of damage, simply ship the light in to our main California office and it will be repaired for cost of parts only, no labor. 

Let ACRO Lights help you create a safer work environment and supply you with the best possible lighting for your equipment. 
Contact us directly for full details on this special program.  

Please note that this program is not available through any ACRO Lights dealer. 

Contact ACRO Lights directly for purchasing under the “Fire Program”.

Contra Costa County Fire
Contra Costa County Fire
Contra Costa County Fire
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Orange County Fire Aurthority 
 Dozer 1 on the 20 acre Coto de Caza Fire, 6/3/2016

Cal Fire Dozer - Fire in Butte County
Cal Fire Dozer - Fire in Butte County
Cal Fire Dozer - Fire in Butte County
Cal Fire Dozer - Fire in Butte County
Fred was born the youngest of 3 children in Mojave, Ca to Fred and Ada Hill, and was welcomed in to a Pioneer Family of Kern County being a 4th generation Kern Countian. His Great Grandfather was the original builder and proprietor of Democrat Hot Springs in the Kern River Canyon and he and all his family were proud to be from here. Educated in Bakersfield, he worked as a young man in the mountains of Kern County and met Virginia Olds, another member of a Pioneer Family of Woody, CA and they raised 3 sons while residing in Glennville ,CA. Fred worked for the Kern County Road Department, and then became employed with the Kern County Fire Department as a heavy equipment operator fighting fire all over the state throughout his career. Well respected and thought of, he retired in 1985 after more than 36 years of service to the citizens of Kern County and moved to the Terra Bella area to pursue his passion of being a farmer. He dry farmed in the area and also in the Caliente area until age and health began to restrict him closer to home. He and Virginia were well known to the mountain and valley communities and were supporters of many organizations involving 4H, FFA and the Greenhorn Mountain Veterans Association for many years. He also must have been a pretty good firefighter, because a son and a grandson both became heavy equipment operators for Kern County and Santa Barbara County fire departments, making firefighting a 3 generation passion. Fred is preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Ada, a brother Don who was also a firefighter, and his son Delbert Orrin Hill. He is survived by his wife of56 years Virginia, his sister Shirley DeRuchie, a son Don and his wife Debbie, son Henry and his wife Patty, Grand children Crista, Kyle, Kara, Dustin, Jennifer, Lisa, Delbert, Jaime, and Freddy, plus 18 Great Grand children. Fred was well known and appreciated the enumerable friends that he and Virginia have enjoyed through the years. There will be a Celebration of his life at the Porterville Fair Event Center, 2700W. Teapot Dome Ave. in Porterville on October 22, at 10 a.m. with a presentation at 11 a.m. and friends and fellowship to follow.
Fred B. Hill
August 15, 1933 to
September 7, 2016