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Send your new or old pictures and videos in and lets see what everyone been up to.  E-mail pictures,videos and all info to  Lets get those cameras flashing!!
Please send all pic's in a j-peg format. 
To all Operators and Photographers please send me any dozer or good fire related pictures or videos.

So please start sending me pictures or videos to:

Please send all pictures in J-Peg format.
Thank You.
To all operators both Public and Private please email me any pictures or videos of fire's, new equipment, project work, and anything else related to the CA DOG. 

 Also, if you see any new technology or tools that can be helpful to us Operator's please email me so I can post it.

Website Update

We are work on stream lining the process to handle on line annual membership renewals and new members.

We are also working on how we can make it more efficient to put the CA DOG merchandise back up on the website.

Please keep sending us your pictures and videos.  We will make sure that they will get posted.

Thank You.
 Dr. Grossman
ACRO Lights Fire Program

Many of you are unaware that ACRO Lights offers spec built products for fire dozers and other fire fighting equipment. Theses products are sold under our special “Fire Program” started in 2004. All operators, direct employees and sub-contractors of any fire agency qualify, anywhere in the world!

Under this program you will receive a special “fire discount” on all purchases. Many products also meet our free shipping guidelines. 

ACRO Lights has worked closely with several different agencies field testing specific products in order to fine tune them to your needs. As a result of this, many dozer operators already use our products realizing the benefits of quality lighting in harsh and often dangerous work areas.  

To reduce overall cost of maintenance, many of our popular models used in these applications can be rebuilt helping you keep them in service for years to come. In the event of damage, simply ship the light in to our main California office and it will be repaired for cost of parts only, no labor. 

Let ACRO Lights help you create a safer work environment and supply you with the best possible lighting for your equipment. 
Contact us directly for full details on this special program.  

Please note that this program is not available through any ACRO Lights dealer. 

Contact ACRO Lights directly for purchasing under the “Fire Program”.

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